Strong Instructional Support

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The Essentials Teacher's Manual 1st edition promotes instructional consistency whether a teacher is a trained specialist or new to teaching. Clear, streamlined lessons combined with numerous additional activities empower teachers to determine the pacing of the lessons.

Learn With Your Students

We designed the Essentials Teacher's Manual so that teachers can discover the logic underlying English words alongside their students. Sample dialogue, written examples, teacher tips, and detailed charts provide teachers with the support they need to teach the 74 Phonograms, 30 Spelling Rules, and 80 grammar concepts while learning them alongside their students.

Streamlined Lessons with Abundant Practice Opportunities

Many programs move too slowly or too quickly. Essentials allows teachers to easily tailor the pace, providing streamlined lesson plans and an abundant selection of practice activities to choose from. Since students vary in the amount of practice they need to master the phonograms, rules, and words presented, each lesson includes numerous additional activities, marked with the learning styles engaged by each one, so that teachers can adapt the lesson to suit their students’ needs. These additional exercises include games, independent learning opportunities, and other activities that enhance the learning experience.

View sample pages from the Essentials 1st edition Teacher's Manual here. See lessons from the 2nd edition here.
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