Free online book study for Uncovering the Logic of English and downloadable discussion questions

Uncovering the Logic of English Book Study

A video and discussion guide for individuals and groups who are reading Uncovering the Logic of English.

Uncovering the Logic of English Book Study Book Discussion Questions

Sound Wall Free Resources

Free Sound Wall Templates

Looking for a sound wall that aligns with the Science of Reading? This year you can choose to organize the words by sound or by phonogram and spelling rule!

Three-part video series on YouTube demonstrating how to eliminate the need to memorize sight words by using phonograms and spelling rules to decode common high-frequency words using the Logic of English

Eliminate the Rote Memory of Sight Words

Browsing for resources that teach the Dolch sight words in a simple and logical way? This 3-part training contains lessons and tips to help you teach students how to sound out sight words!

Eliminate the Rote Memory of Sight Words (Part 1) Fact Sheet

Phonemic Awareness Free Resources

Phonemic Awareness Games and Activities

Engage your students in developing the phonemic awareness skills that are most highly correlated with skilled reading.

Phonogram Free Resources

Preview of the interactive phonogram chart created by Logic of English accessed on a tablet device

Interactive Phonogram Chart

Discover all the sounds of the basic phonograms, improve your pronunciation and identify sounds as consonants, vowels or R-controlled vowels.

Listen, Learn and Practice all the sounds!

Spelling Free Resources

Free Spelling Analysis Tutorials

Learn how to teach students to analyze the reasons for English spellings.

Foundations Free Resources

Free Foundations Video Instruction

High-Frequency Words in Foundations

Are you curious about which high-frequency words are taught in Foundations? Download these complete lists for extra practice or to print and cut replacements for high-frequency word games!

Additional Practice for Foundations

Looking for more practice for your students?

Foundations Progress Monitoring Checklists

Record your students' progress mastering the skills taught in Foundations.

Starting at Foundations B Assessment

This assessment will help you decide if your students should begin with Foundations A or Foundations B.

Standards Taught in Foundations

Essentials Free Resources

Free Essentials Video Instruction

Decodable readers controlled for phonograms for various levels of Foundations, an integrated language arts program

Use the Foundations Readers with Essentials. Discover where each Foundations Reader fits in the Essentials Scope and Sequence.

Integrate Foundations Readers into Essentials

Essentials Placement Test

Use this placement test to determine if your students need to begin with the Pre-Lessons and which Level of Essentials to use.

Essentials Progress Monitoring Checklists

Track your students' mastery of the skills taught in Essentials.

Essentials Take-Home Phonogram Sets

Facilitate your students practicing at home with these downloadable take-home sets!

Standards Taught in Essentials

Handwriting Free Resources

Free Handwriting Paper and Handwriting Tips

This handwriting paper provides different line sizes for students to choose which lines they are more comfortable with and/or facilitate the transition from large- to fine-motor movement.


Foundations Research

Read the Executive Summary of the University Study that demonstrates Tier 3 evidence for Foundations.

Logic of English Research

Explore the supporting and preliminary research for Logic of English curriculum.