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The goal of everything we do at Logic of English® is to enable all people to read proficiently - no matter their age, nationality, learning style, educational history, or socio-economic background. In addition to training and other resources, Logic of English creates a variety of products to aid students and teachers.


Logic of English curriculum is designed to teach reading, writing, spelling, phonics, and grammar to students of all ages in a logical, systematic, and approachable way. Accessible and easy-to-follow materials enable teachers to learn alongside their students. (Wondering where to begin? Click here: Help Me Choose!)


We have created a variety of tools to foster success in learning to read and spell—and to make the learning fun! Our flash cards, games, journals, and guides are designed to accompany Logic of English curriculum, but they may also be used on their own or to supplement any other curriculum.


Our books, written by Denise Eide, present vital information about the English language and the teaching of literacy that is similar to what is taught by remedial reading centers throughout the U.S. At Logic of English we believe that this knowledge is not only for specialized programs; it is essential to the success of all students.


A fun, effective game to help students develop accurate phonics knowledge.

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