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The Logic of English® endeavors to improve English literacy worldwide through curriculum development, books, educational software, and training. Our products unveil the reasons for English spellings and provide educators and parents with answers to their students’ questions about why words are spelled and read the way they are.

The Logic of English series of books and curriculum addresses the literacy crisis by presenting a common-sense approach to spelling and reading. Logic of English also seeks to develop and make known teaching methods that respect the learning styles of all students, making literacy accessible to auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners.

We believe, as research has repeatedly demonstrated, that with systematic, multi-sensory, intensive phonics instruction, ALL students can learn to read with confidence and success. Our mission is to support educators, families, administrators, and individuals in making it so.


We as a company seek to become a leader in reversing and solving the literacy crisis in America. Our goal is to make the Logic of English common knowledge among English speakers and increase awareness about sound, effective teaching methods through books, curriculum, software, and training. We seek to build collaborative relationships with other literacy organizations and support research and product development for the service of English speakers and learners worldwide.

The Logic of English Approach

The Logic of English is a systematic, multi-sensory approach to learning how to read, spell and write. The method is based upon 75 basic phonograms and 31 spelling rules that together explain 98% of English words. Learning these essential tools eliminates unnecessary ‘exceptions’ in spelling, explains hundreds of commonly misspelled words, and brings order to the English language. We do not use any sight words; instead, students learn why words are read and spelled the way they are.

Our curriculum does not stop at the level of sounds, as do many systematic phonics programs. Instead, we incorporate the meanings of roots, suffixes, and prefixes, providing students with the tools to unlock hundreds of thousands of words. Logic of English curriculum also incorporates sentence-level grammar, punctuation rules, tenses, plurals and more. Students learn to read and write in English in a systematic manner that eliminates guessing and limits the amount of rote memory work. They develop strong comprehension and critical thinking skills as they analyze words, think about meaning, and make connections to other words and concepts. In every lesson, multi-sensory instruction and activites engage the different centers of students' brains - visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and speech - which allows them to deepen their learning as they build connections, use their strengths, and strengthen their areas of weakness. We teach this way because research shows that it works. Our goal is to make success in reading available to every student.

English speakers and learners of all ages can benefit from Logic of English materials. Our books and curriculum provide a strong foundation to emerging readers, help older students develop strong spelling and writing skills, provide effective remedial help to struggling students, offer comprehensive and clear instruction to English language learners, assist poor spellers of all ages, and reveal the reasons behind spellings to otherwise proficient readers and spellers.

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