Logic of English curriculum based on the Science of Reading

Structured Literacy Approach With Teacher Flexibility and Student Adaptability

Build the flexibility you need as a teacher and create the learning experience they need as students.

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Display of starting points for all curriculum lines: Foundations, Essentials, Rhythm of Handwriting and Sounding Out the Sight Words

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Together We Can Reverse the Literacy Crisis

"Sixty-six percent of students in 8th grade read below grade level." - Nation's Report Card 2019

Uncovering the Logic of English teaches us it doesn't need to be that way since we can empower all students to learn to read through vital knowledge about how written English works. In 2000, the National Reading Panel concluded that when the Five Essential Skills of Reading are incorporated into language arts curricula, students of all ages can become the strong readers, spellers and writers they were meant to be.