Logic of English Supplements

Learning tools and manipulatives designed for use with LOE and other programs

Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
Durable flashcards of all 75 basic phonograms
Spelling Rule Flash Cards
Thirty-one spelling rules in a concise practice tool that develops critical thinking
Morpheme Flash Cards
Roots, suffixes, and prefixes strengthen vocabulary and comprehension
Grammar Flash Cards
Eighty-four Grammar Cards introduce key grammar concepts
Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
Forty-eight Advanced Phonograms unlock thousands of advanced vocabulary words
Phonogram Game Cards
Playing cards with all 75 basic phonograms — available in bookface, manuscript, and cursive!
Phonogram Game Tiles
Colorful game tiles of all 75 basic phonograms! Perfect for spelling exercises and games.
Phonogram and Spelling Game Book
Games and multi-sensory activities to help students master phonograms and spelling words
Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards
Feel, see, and hear how to write the lowercase and uppercase letters and the numbers 0-9
Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference
A teacher's dream for handwriting instruction!
Student Whiteboard
A high-quality student response board for teaching handwriting and for practicing phonograms and spelling words.
Phonogram and Spelling Quick Reference
Phonograms, spelling rules, and sample words in a comprehensive quick-reference guide
Spelling Analysis Card
The perfect teacher's reference for dictating and analyzing spelling words
Spelling Journal
A student-created reference that helps developing spellers think critically, recognize spelling patterns, and master difficult spelling words
Cursive Sandpaper Letters
Sturdy, high-sensory letters in the Logic of English cursive font
Manuscript Sandpaper Letters
Sturdy, high-sensory letters in the Logic of English manuscript font
Phonogram MP3
An audio reference guide to phonogram sounds
Rhythm of Handwriting Desk Strips
A bookmark-sized student reference. Available in cursive and manuscript.
Sounding on the Sight Words: A Guide to Teaching the Dolch Words through Phonics
Sixty-six mini-lessons. This simple introduction to the concepts taught in LOE curriculum is a great alternative to flash card drill!

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