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Since 2011, our curriculum has been carefully designed to incorporate multiage and multimodal learning based on the Science of Reading!

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Adjust your lesson plan to you and your students; our curricula are designed to ensure teacher support and student success.

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Logic of English catalog 2023-2024

Our experts have carefully crafted each product to be adaptable to any needs, levels and ages! Foundations and Essentials can be used as a core curriculum and/or an intervention. On the other hand, Sounding Out the Sight Words, the Logic of English Game Book and our online courses are supplements that can help strengthen your lessons and your students' skills!

2023-2024 Logic of English catalog
Uncovering the Logic of English book study for large, small or one-on-one settings

Uncovering the Logic of English: The Book From Which Our Curriculum Stems

Conduct a book study in a group setting, large or small, or independently. Discuss core content with your peers, discover effective reading instruction and diversify the science of reading in your classroom!

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