Four Walls Do Not Determine Your Classroom! Your Lessons Can Take Place Anywhere!

You can make learning fun in any learning environment!

Logic of English offers traditional printed curriculum

Pick up, Teach and Play! No matter your teaching experience, teachers will seamlessly deliver quality instruction designed to keep students on track and engaged!

Logic of English offers curriculum in downloadable, printer- and tablet-friendly PDFs and MP3s.

Download, Print and Create! Purchase any of our curriculum as PDFs to make it easy to use on any device or create extra copies for practice!

Logic of English offers full and supplemental curriculum in an online, e-Learning course format.

Click, Open and Play! Based on the Science of Reading, these digital courses can be integrated with our curriculums to teach, review and practice key concepts!

Logic of English offers curriculum in traditional printed textbooks, downloadable PDFs and MP3s, and online eLearning courses.

Combine our print, digital and online curriculum to serve students better! Incorporate variety into your lessons! Hybrid lessons can be easily integrated!

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Top 10 States using the Logic of English curriculum based on the Science of Reading

Supporting Schools in All 50 States!

Since 2011, we have supported schools in every state. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to incorporate multi-age and multi-modality learning. Our curriculum integrates learning games, interactive online practice and music with instruction based on the Science of Reading!

Use Our Products as Core Instruction, Supplemental, Intervention Support or All Three!

Our experts have carefully crafted each product to be adaptable to any needs, levels and ages! Foundations and Essentials can be used as a core curriculum and/or an intervention. On the other hand, Sounding Out the Sight Words, the Logic of English Game Book and our online courses are supplements that can help strengthen your lessons and your students' skills!

Logic of English is a Sole Source Provider.

Improve Your Curriculum with Rhythm of Handwriting (ROH)

Rhythm of Handwriting curriculum is available in traditional printed materials, downloadable PDFs and virtual eLearning courses.

Teach students how to write systematically and legibly with this curriculum! With ROH, students will strengthen their phonics skills while developing and practicing fluid handwriting. Teachers can choose between cursive or manuscript instructions.

Build Your Capacity and Teaching Skills with Trainings Based on the Science of Reading!