Classroom teacher incorporating free word lists by phonogram in the language arts lesson

Integrate an SOR-Based Approach

If the curriculum you are using does not include all 75 phonograms and 44 phonemes, you could use these word lists as a starting point for integrating these phonograms and sounds into your lessons.

Visually segmenting the word

Assess Their Decoding Skills

Asking students to read words in isolation is a great way to determine their reading ability. Utilize the word lists to assess the strength of your students’ decoding skills by presenting them with words using a target phonogram.

Word List for the Phonogram CH, emphasizing the example word

Improve Mastery of Target Phonograms

Whether you’re using Foundations, Essentials, or another curriculum, the word lists could be used to create additional opportunities for practice or review. As you introduce each multi-letter phonogram, add these practice words to your games, activities or spelling analysis.

Word Lists by Target Phonogram

These lists include words that use the target phonogram and the most common sound of a-z. When there were no words that met these criteria, additional phonograms and sounds were added. These words are marked with an asterisk and the additional rules and phonograms required for decoding are listed on the bottom of the page.

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