Teach accurate phonograms and spelling rules that explain 98% of English words

Basic Phonogram Flash Card containing the two sounds of S.

Basic Phonogram Flash Cards

Introduce your students to the world of letters and sounds and help your students master the most commonly used letter-sound correspondences.

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Advanced Phonogram Flash Card for the multi-letter phonogram OUR.

Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards

Give your students a deeper understanding of phonograms and word origins with these flash cards!  Advanced phonograms are either rare or found only in advanced vocabulary words such as the pn in pneumonia.

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Spelling Rule Flash Card for Rule 3:

Spelling Rule Flash Cards

A set of complete and accurate spelling rules for English that eliminate hundreds of exceptions! These flashcards contain the spelling rules on the front side and sample words, phonograms and pronunciation tips on the back.

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Grammar Flash Card containing the definition for a noun and examples from each type.

Grammar Flash Cards

Build literacy skills with grammar! The Grammar Flash Cards are a fun way to aid students in mastering the parts of speech, punctuation rules and capitalization rules!

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Morpheme Flash Card explaining that the suffix

Essentials 1-7 Morpheme Flash Cards

Expand your students' vocabulary with morphology! These Morpheme Flash Cards are perfect to explain the relationships between English words!!

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Strengthen your students' phonics skills with fun games and activities!

Phonogram Game Cards available in cursive, manuscript, and bookface typefaces.

Phonogram Game Cards

Discover the joy of learning phonics with simple yet entertaining card games! These Phonogram Game Cards provide engaging and entertaining ways to practice single-letter and multi-letter phonograms.

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Phonogram Game Tiles spelling out

Phonogram Game Tiles

Fill your reading and spelling lessons with fun games! Our Phonogram Game Tiles are an excellent hands-on learning tool for anyone who wants to reinforce reading and spelling skills!

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Durable, reusable, two-sided student whiteboard with printed handwriting lines in various sizes.

Student Whiteboard

A hands-on learning tool to practice spelling and handwriting skills! This multi-use Student Whiteboard is perfect for introducing handwriting strokes and aiding in the transition to fine-motor writing.

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Equip yourself with materials that will strengthen your teaching skills

Phonogram & Spelling Rule trifold Quick Reference contains all of the sounds and definitions at a glance for 75 Basic Phonograms and 31 Spelling Rules.

Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference

A simple tool to help you answer your students' questions. This quick reference is filled with accurate phonics rules from single- and multi-letter phonograms to suffixing and spelling rules.

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Essentials Grammar Rule Quick Reference contains all 84 grammar rules and definitions at a glance with helpful reminders and useful hints.

Essentials Grammar Rule Quick Reference

A convenient resource to look up grammar rules and parts of speech! This quick reference contains clear definitions, sample words and sentences to use as an example during a lesson.

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2-sided Spelling Analysis Quick References offers simple steps to follow when applying previously learned concepts to decoding unknown words.

Spelling Analysis Quick Reference

A handy reference for anyone who wants to teach how to use phonograms and spelling rules to spell unfamiliar words! This quick reference contains step-by-step instructions for single-syllable and multi-syllable words.

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Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference for teaching manuscript handwriting

Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference - Manuscript

The one place that has everything anyone would need to teach manuscript handwriting to any student.

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Trifold Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference for teaching cursive handwriting.

Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference - Cursive

A great resource that contains all the information you need to teach every letter and number in cursive handwriting.

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