Cover-to-cover display of the award-winning book Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense Approach to Reading, Spelling, and Literacy written by Denise Eide

Based on the Teachings of Uncovering the Logic of English

This multiple-award-winning book provides answers to basic questions about English reading and spelling in an easy-to-read, straightforward manner. Uncovering the Logic of English is ideal for anyone who wants to understand how English works!

Lay the Foundational Skills of Reading and Discover the Joy of Learning

Components from the entry level volume of Foundations A, an integrated language arts curriculum based on the Science of Reading

Make learning fun! Filled with energetic activities and interactive games, this phonemic awareness and systematic phonics program lays a strong foundation for reading and writing success. Easy-to-teach lessons also integrate fluency, comprehension, handwriting, spelling and more for a fully integrated curriculum.

Fill in Gaps and Teach the Essential Skills Your Students Missed

Curriculum components from the entry level volume of Essentials, an integrated language arts program based on the Science of Reading.

Meet your students where they are! Essentials is a transformational reading, spelling and grammar curriculum that builds on students' current knowledge while helping them acquire the necessary skills to become stronger readers and writers. This pick-up-and-teach program provides teachers with the tools needed to differentiate instruction across two or three levels.

Teach the Rhythm of Handwriting and Strengthen Literacy Skills

Textbooks, quick references, flash cards and video lesson components for cursive and manuscript handwriting programs based on the Science of Reading

Nurture your students' handwriting skills! Rhythm of Handwriting helps students develop fluid, beautiful handwriting through rhythmic verbal cues. From student books to tactile cards, quick reference charts to wall charts, Rhythm of Handwriting has everything you need to help your student write consistently and legibly. Available in manuscript and cursive.

Clear the Confusion: Explain Sight Words Logically

Textbook based on the Science of Reading that explains common high-frequency words through phonograms and spelling rules

Teach the high-frequency words without whole-word memorization! Discover the phonograms and spelling rules needed to read and spell the high-frequency Dolch words. With short and accessible lessons, you will empower your students with the tools needed to decode common words like IS and HAVE.

Create a Learning Environment Filled With Joy With Literacy Games Based on the Science of Reading

Logic of English Game Book collection includes a book of 300 games, an expansion pack of eight reusable game boards and access to core materials based on the Science of Reading.

Help students develop fluency in reading, spelling and writing! With over 300 games, the Logic of English Game Book strengthens literacy skills such as phonemic awareness, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension. These active and fun games can transform your curriculum into a multimodal and engaging program for students of all ages!

Logic of English curriculum

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