Teacher's Manuals

Preparation notes, content notes, sample scripts, teaching tips, challenge activities and review...

Foundations Teacher's Manuals have all the information you need to begin teaching the Logic of English immediately!

The Teacher's Manual guides you through each lesson, from prep to each step of the instruction and the exercises, games, and optional activities.

Each lesson is designed to take about 30 minutes (Level A) to 90 minutes (Level D) and includes instruction and activities in two or more of the following areas: Phonemic Awareness, Phonograms, Handwriting, Spelling, Spelling Rules, Words, Vocabulary, Reading, Fluency, Comprehension.

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“Every possible instruction has been included, along with many teaching tips for struggling learners, hands-on learners, or children who are having a difficult time with their speech. I found these tips and activity ideas invaluable. I learned so much...I felt fully equipped to teach my kids and to help them if they struggled with a concept.”

Lexi, homeschool parent and blogger

“My kindergarteners are far surpassing what my kindergarten students have ever accomplished in the area of reading, writing and spelling. Their favorite subject is Logic of English. The program is not only in-depth, it is fun and engaging for my students. It is well laid out and extremely easy to teach. My substitutes have also enjoyed teaching the program.

“...I could not teach in a school that doesn't use LOE. Every day I have the joy of watching 'light bulbs' go on in my students' little minds.”
Julie Knollenberg, Kindergarten Teacher

Teacher's Manual Highlights

Tips, tools, and teacher resources woven into each lesson

Teacher-Student Dialogue

Sample dialogues throughout the lessons help both new and experienced teachers teach every lesson with success. Materials needed are listed next to every activity for easy transitions.

Teacher Tips

Find insight into the philosophy underlying the lesson and answers to frequent questions. Teacher Tips offer a wealth of additional resources for helping struggling students and on-the-fly training to help you become a master reading teacher.

Multi-Sensory Fun

In addition to the numerous multi-sensory games and activities built into every lesson, these sidebars provide optional suggestions for bringing even more fun to learning to read, write, and spell!

Speech Tips

These tips provide valuable help for students who struggle with producing various sounds.

Phonogram of the Day

Incorporate these optional fun ideas throughout the day to strengthen the connection between the phonogram your students are learning and the world around them.

Challenge Activities

Is a student finding the lesson too easy? Challenge Activities offer suggestions for increasing the challenge level of an exercise and engaging students’ interest.

Spelling Charts

Tools to help you dictate spelling words with success.

Handwriting Charts

Detailed handwriting charts provide teachers with the explicit, rhythmic instructions of our popular Rhythm of Handwriting program. This instruction is incorporated into Foundations, providing everything you need to teach cursive or manuscript handwriting with success. No additional purchase is needed.

Assessment and Review

Following every five lessons you will find a Review and Assessment Lesson.

A detailed chart guides teachers in assessing students’ progress. Skills marked as Level 1 should be mastered before progressing to the next lesson. Level 2 skills need only to be familiar, as they will be practiced more extensively later. Level 3 skills will be taught in greater detail in further lessons and are not included in the assessment.
Short assessments aid the teacher in monitoring the students’ progress in phonemic awareness, knowledge of phonograms, and reading.
Review and Practice
Each Review Lesson provides review and practice ideas for students who need more time with the material before moving on to the next lesson.

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