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Colorful, clear, and engaging, Foundations Student Workbooks are filled with a wide variety of activities that help teachers guide students with any learning style in developing the skills they need for success in reading. These workbooks provide practice and learning activities for the content taught in the Foundations Teacher's Manuals, which include scripted instructions for each workbook activity.

Foundations A and B workbooks come in manuscript or cursive to match the writing style you are teaching. The Teacher's Manual includes instructions for both. (Learn why we recommend starting with cursive!)


Phonemic Awareness
A wide variety of phonemic awareness activities help students practice blending and segmenting words and increase their awareness of sounds.

Phonogram Games
Entertaining games engage students in mastering the phonograms.

Reading Games
Working with the natural energy and playfulness of children, Foundations includes a wide variety of reading comprehension games and activities.

Skills Games
Games that target specific reading skills such as blending, fluency, mastering silent final E’s, and reading high-frequency words are some of our students' favorites!

Handwriting Worksheets
Handwriting worksheets provide optional practice forming the letters. Four line sizes are included so that students can chose which size is most comfortable for their hand, and whimsical illustrations correspond to Doodling Dragons.

The readers for Foundations A are provided in the back of the workbooks for easy access. In level A, students assemble the readers by matching the pictures to the text as an early comprehension activity. Foundations B, C, and D Readers are sold separately as paperback booklets. Learn more about Foundations Readers.

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