Foundations B

For children who have learned all the sounds of the a-z phonograms and can read short vowel words.

In Foundations B students learn to read and write uppercase letters, become familiar with the letter names, and begin to read and comprehend sentences. They also learn a number of multi-letter phonograms and spelling rules that open up tens of thousands of additional words. Students practice a number of high-frequency words such as the, a, I, and you, and learn the logic underlying the spelling of them. By the end of Level B students can read sentences with one-syllable words that include long vowels and schwa sounds.

Level B is for children who can already read and recognize short vowel sounds and read short vowel words, and it is usually used in kindergarten, at the beginning of first grade, or for a quick review at the beginning of the year for students starting Foundations in second grade. Most students begin with Foundations A. (Wondering where to start? We can help!)

By the time they complete Level B, students will:
  • Read and write the uppercase letters and match them to corresponding lowercase letters
  • Write the uppercase letters in cursive or manuscript using the same innovative approach as our Rhythm of Handwriting program
  • Read one-syllable words with a long vowel sound
  • Have an awareness that words may have more than one syllable
  • Blend multi-syllable words auditorily
  • Be able to identify the medial vowel sound within a word
  • Know that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period
  • Be able to read and write 19 multi-letter phonograms
  • Know 8 spelling rules
  • Read and comprehend simple sentences with the phonograms and spelling rules they have learned
  • Be familiar with the concept of the schwa sound, which is introduced as a lazy vowel
  • Be developing fluency in reading 296 new high-frequency words
  • Understand the spelling of 120 new words that have been explicitly taught and have the knowledge needed to spell thousands of others
Foundations B includes:
  • 48 Lessons (40 instructional lessons and 8 Assessment and Review lessons)
  • 16 Student Readers that help students to practice sentence-level comprehension skills
  • Dozens of Phonemic Awareness games, Handwriting games, Phonogram games, and Reading Comprehension games.

To teach Foundations B you will need:

Level B Teacher's Manual
Level B Student Workbook (cursive or manuscript)
Level B Readers
B Readers: Young Artist Series (NEW!)
Whistling Whales: Beyond the Sounds of ABC

plus "reusable resources" used throughout Foundations (one-time purchase):
Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference (cursive or manuscript)
Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart (cursive or manuscript)
Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards (cursive or manuscript)
Phonogram Game Cards
Student Whiteboard
Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
Phonogram Game Tiles
Spelling Analysis Card

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