Foundations: A Complete Phonics, Reading, Spelling, and Handwriting Program for Ages 4-7

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Logic of English™ Foundations teaches children age 4-7 to read real books without guessing or memorizing sight words while developing their writing, spelling, and language skills.

In Foundations students gain phonemic awareness, learn to read and write the 75 basic phonograms, and increase reading fluency through structured but playful activities. The innovative Rhythm of Handwriting™ method aids students in developing fluid handwriting. Step by step, students grow as readers, moving from phrases to sentences to paragraphs to books.

Using evidence-based reading instruction methods, Foundations combines multi-sensory learning with the latest in linguistic research to provide students the best possible foundation for education: strong reading and writing skills.

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The four sequential levels of Foundations make it possible to adjust the schedule and pace of the curriculum to the needs of your students. Typically children complete the four levels over two or three years.

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Foundations B Set

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A video introduction to Foundations A-D with author Denise Eide. Filmed live at a Logic of English training.

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