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Working together to reverse the literacy crisis by providing educators tools that explain how English really works!

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Our Passion

We are passionate about uncovering the reasons for English spellings, providing real answers to questions about why words are spelled and read the way they are, and making this information available and accessible to everyone!

Our Vision

That all English speakers worldwide have the opportunity to learn to read and write successfully.

Our Core Values

Driven by Mission

Logic of English, Inc. is driven by its mission to empower all students to become strong readers, writers and spellers.

Care of All Our Stakeholders

We seek to benefit all the stakeholders: customers, employees, community, suppliers and owners.

Calculated Risk

As a company, we take calculated risks, evaluating the decision based upon the best data available, listening to all the stakeholders, using wisdom and then making the best decision we can. We accept that there are circumstances beyond our control and that the outcome may differ from our original idea.

Culture of Learning

As a company, we believe mistakes are an opportunity to learn. We choose to learn and grow from those mistakes. We also seek out opportunities to continue to learn and grow in our understanding of the language and our areas of professional expertise.

Self Management

We manage our own tasks, thoughts, behaviors and emotions in a conscious and productive way to support the company's mission, values and priorities.


We treat everyone with respect: customers, team members, suppliers, owners, service people and those in the community with whom we interact.


As a company, we both create and utilize innovative tools to help us fulfill our mission.


Logic of English team members are actively working together to build a high-trust environment by acting with integrity, being reliable, treating others with respect and communicating honestly through our words and actions.


As a company, we strive to be a place of stability that employees can step into each day and that all stakeholders can rely on.

Lean: Organized and Efficient

We seek to work in an organized and efficient manner, developing simple and scalable processes that support focusing on and fulfilling our mission.

Right Tools

We provide our team with the right tools.