Durable flashcards of all 75 basic phonograms.

Logic of English Basic Phonogram Flash Cards

New! 2nd edition — now includes the phonogram ES

Recognizing the phonograms and knowing all the sounds each one makes is a key step towards success in reading and spelling!

Our Basic Phonogram Flash Cards are an invaluable resource for teaching and reviewing the 75 basic phonograms needed to read most English words - the A to Z single-letter phonograms plus 50 multi-letter phonograms. Each card presents the phonogram on the front. The back of the card includes each of the phonogram's sounds, complete with sample words and spelling aids, for quick teacher reference.

These 4.5 x 6 inch cards are printed on heavy stock and coated for repeated use and durability. They are ideal for classroom teachers, homeschool parents, private tutors, and anyone who wants to learn these essential building blocks of English.

Using your Flash Cards
  • Teach the sounds, not the letter names. There are sample words on the back to help the teacher learn each sound.
  • Teach students all the sounds of each phonogram, in the order in which they are listed on the card. Practice them this way.
  • Basic phonograms are the building blocks of English words. Practice them daily, either with a flash card drill or with a game.
  • Each day, practice your new phonograms as well as those the student learned previously.
  • Keep your phonogram cards sorted into "taught" and "not taught" with rubber bands, bags, or binder clips. As you introduce new phonograms, move them from "not taught" to "taught" set.
  • As students begin to master some phonograms, add a "mastered" category that you practice less often.
  • Shuffle your cards frequently to vary the order.

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