Logic of English Essentials Review 2

The Logic of English - the name alone draws you in!

I was placing a small order on Amazon and had not yet met the $25 free shipping mark. Then I remembered I had wanted to purchase Uncovering the Logic of English. I added it to my cart and made my purchase. It was one of the BEST purchases I have made in a long time! I read all the way through to chapter 15 the first night. I was hooked!! I knew The Logic of English Essentials curriculum was something I really needed to look into further for my son. The next night I spent hours pouring over The Logic of English website. I downloaded the samples and studied them for a couple of days. I was sold. I knew this would be a curriculum worth investing in. Wow, was I right!!

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March 2012 Newsletter

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December 2011 Newsletter

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Updated Spelling Rule and Phonogram Flashcards

We have updated two Basic Phonogram flashcards and a Spelling Rule.

1) A minor typo has been corrected on the TCH Basic Phonogram Flash Card. The back of the card now reads "Three letter /ch/ used after a single vowel that is not long."

2) We have added the long /e/ sound to the "I" card. While writing the Essentials Curriculum I analyzed thousands of words. In that process I discovered that "I" says the long /e/ sound more commonly than it says the /y/ sound. Therefore the "I" basic phonogram flash card now has four sounds which correspond to the sample words it, ivy, stadium, onion. "I" frequently says the long /e/ sound in Latin root words.

3) It is also possible to predict when "I" will say the long /e/ sound. "I" says long /e/ at the end of the syllable, before another vowel. We have added this phrase to Spelling Rule Card 7. It now reads: Y says long /e/ only at the end of a multi-syllable base word. I says long /e/ at the end of a syllable that is followed by a vowel.

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Logic of English Essentials Curriculum Review

A review written by a homeschool mom who has been using a pre-release version of The Logic of English Essentials Curriculum.

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Logic of English Essentials

The Logic of English® Essentials program is at the printers!

We will be accepting pre-orders next week.

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October 2011 Newsletter

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September 2011 Newsletter

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Start Here: A Great Summary

audio-iconThis interview is a great introduction to what The Logic of English is all about.

WGLS-FM - Rowan Radio - 9/19/2011




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