2011 Conventions Added


Denise will be appearing and speaking at the following conventions in the upcoming year.

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Use I Before E Except After C - Part 1

As I have been writing Uncovering the Logic of English, I have been researching every phonogram and every spelling rule. The next few posts will explore this popular rule more and demonstrate why I believe it should not be taught.

Many people know the rule "Use I before E except after C, when it says long A, and in some exceptions."

Those of you who have taken a class with me know I always teach this rule last and demonstrate how knowing the phonograms IE and EI and their sounds is a much better way to memorize which spelling is used. I have always felt that the long list of exceptions to this rule prevents it from being a useful spelling tool.

As I have researched this rule I have discovered several problems with the phonogram sounds. Today we will look more closely at the phonogram IE. In common lists of the 70 phonograms, students are taught that IE has three sounds: long E, long I, and short I.

The problem with this is twofold: the long I and the short I sounds are not accurate in describing the commonly used English words.

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