Feel, see, and hear how to write lowercase and uppercase letters and the numbers 0-9.

Handwriting Tactile Cards

Colorful manipulatives help students learn the phonograms and handwriting strokes.

These colorful cards feature a raised, sandpaper texture for a high-sensory introduction to writing. Available in Cursive or Manuscript, the set includes handwriting strokes, uppercase and lowercase letters, and the numbers 0-9.

The explicit, rhythmic instructions that make our Rhythm of Handwriting program so effective are included on the back for teacher reference. In addition, the cards include the sound(s) made by each of the A-Z phonograms, as well as sample words written in either manuscript or cursive. The cards are so complete, some people may choose this one product as their entire handwriting program!

Handwriting Tactile Cards are 6x4.5 inches, and are printed on heavy stock and coated for repeated use and durability. Each set includes 75 cards: 26 lowercase, 26 uppercase, 10 numerals, and 13 handwriting strokes.

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