The perfect teacher's reference for dictating and analyzing spelling words.

Spelling Analysis Card

Spelling analysis is where all the linguistic tools students are learning in Logic of English come together; in addition to teaching the spelling of new words effectively, this process strengthens students' phonemic awareness, deepens mastery of the spelling rules and phonograms, and supports fluency in decoding.

The Spelling Analysis Card is a perfect reference tool for teachers, outlining step-by-step the process of dictating and analyzing words in Logic of English spelling lists. Keep it handy to help you lead spelling analysis like a pro. It makes a great bookmark in your Teacher's Manual!

New! Now two-sided: The 3rd edition of the Spelling Analysis Card (released January 2016) contains separate instructions for one-syllable and two-syllable words. Use the shorter instructions on Side 1 when you start teaching spelling analysis, in Foundations A and at the beginning of Essentials; then switch to Side 2 when you begin to teach multi-syllable words.

To learn more about spelling analysis, check out our video Spelling Dictation: A Multi-Sensory Approach to Reading and Spelling.

Product Information

Printed on durable, coated cardstock.
3.66 x 8.5 inches

Recommended with Foundations and Essentials.

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