Phonograms, spelling rules, and sample words in a comprehensive quick-reference guide for teachers and students.

Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference Chart

All the phonograms and LOE spelling rules, a colorful suffix flow chart, examples, and rare phonogram word lists in an easy-to-use foldout reference.

A vital tool for teachers and students using Essentials or Foundations, or anyone who wants a thorough and accurate guide to English spelling. This six-sided reference card folds to 8 1/2 x 11 inches, making it easy to keep close for handy reference.

On the front, a Suffix Flow Chart leads students through the steps to correctly adding a suffix to any English word. The back cover features a list of all 31 spelling rules.

Inside is the complete table of single-letter and multi-letter phonograms, sounds, and sample words, a powerful quick reminder for anyone struggling to recall a particular phonogram.

Two foldout flaps include tools such as an Advanced Phonogram Chart and a Sound to Spelling Reference Chart with the possible spellings for the 45 sounds of English.

Another unique resource is a chart detailing rarely used phonograms and rarely used sounds of a phonogram that occur in only a limited number of words.

The Logic of English Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference Chart is an ideal reference for teachers, students, poor spellers, and for anyone to keep near the computer for quick spelling reference. Printed on coated stock for long-term use and durability.

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