This playful introduction to the sounds of the alphabet opens the door for children to hear, say, recognize, and read single-letter phonograms. When children learn all the sounds made by each letter, they take a giant leap toward becoming strong readers and spellers!

Doodling Dragons App

Available for Kindle™

  • Listen to the award-winning children’s book Doodling Dragons, by Denise Eide, read by professional storyteller Jim Weiss.
  • Interact with the lively and colorful illustrations on each page while developing awareness of how sounds work together to make words.
  • Play a phonemic awareness game that develops strong pre-reading skills. Children may choose a letter or play in random mode.
  • Learn all the sounds of the A-Z phonograms by touching each letter to hear the sounds it makes!

Doodling Dragons is a perfect play-and-learn tool for children who are starting Foundations or are ready to begin learning about letters and sounds. Continue learning the 74 basic phonograms with our Phonics with Phonograms App.

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Support information available on the App Support Page.

iOS® update: The Doodling Dragons App was originally created for iOS also and available on iTunes®.
Unfortunately, Apple®'s iOS update planned for fall 2017 will no longer support the app. We are discontinuing it from the iTunes store effective July 5, 2017. Learn more.

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