Essentials: Multi-level reading, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary for ages 8 to adult

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The Logic of English® Essentials curriculum is a complete course in the structure of written English that uses proven, research-based methods to teach students ages 8 to adult to read, spell, and write successfully.

Easy to use, engaging, and fun, Essentials improves the spelling and reading skills of all learners by providing linguistically accurate phonics instruction, spelling analysis, fluency practice, morphology and vocabulary development, grammar, and composition.

Essentials gives students the tools to understand the spelling of more than 98% of English words!

  • Ages 8 to adult
  • Three levels of application in each lesson, for up to three years of instruction!
  • Greek and Latin roots
  • Full-color Teacher’s Guide
  • Easy to teach
  • Engaging, accurate, and complete
  • Discover the why behind English words!

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For every learner and every teacher

Clear instructions and scripted lessons allow teachers, tutors, and parents to learn alongside their students, developing their own understanding of the structure of English as they teach. Multi-sensory instruction, a variety of activities, and three levels of spelling lists allow teachers to customize the curriculum for the needs of their students, paving the way to success in reading for all kinds of learners.

It's easier than ever — and more fun — to teach your students the Logic of English!

In 2015 we released an expanded version of Essentials that features:
  • Beautiful, clear, full-color layout (Take a tour!)
  • 3 levels of spelling lists — use for multiple years and teach different ability levels together!
  • 3 levels of grammar practice and vocabulary instruction, including new Greek and Latin roots
  • New language and phonics concepts
  • New guidance on scheduling
  • A Placement Test and optional Pre-Lessons
  • Short assessments in every lesson
What's the same?
The current Essentials includes the same core content taught in the original (2012) 1st edition of Essentials:
  • Complete and systematic phonics instruction
  • Clear, fully scripted lessons
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Accurate spelling rules
  • Spelling analysis
  • Morphology for vocabulary development
  • Grammar and basic composition

Through engaging lessons, students learn logical answers to their questions about language and why words are spelled the way they are. With customizable levels of difficulty and carefully designed activities and instruction, Essentials makes it easier than ever to teach the Logic of English like a pro!

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Prepare your students for a lifetime of reading and spelling success

Beautiful, clear, full-color layout and expanded content make it easy to learn alongside your students, navigate the clearly scripted lessons, find answers to questions, and teach the Logic of English like a pro!

Three levels of spelling lists allow you to teach a variety of students together and to use Essentials for multiple years of instruction. Teach the thirty lessons of Essentials at your student's pace — typically one to two years — using whichever spelling list provides the right level of challenge. Then repeat up to two additional times, reviewing the core concepts while applying them to more advanced spelling words and learning new spelling and vocabulary tools!

Expanded vocabulary content with the upper level spelling lists leads advanced students into the fascinating world of morphology. New guidance on scheduling, a Placement Test and Pre-Lessons, and short assessments in every lesson help you find the right starting point for each student and customize your instruction as you go.

Lessons 16-30:
Volume 2 Set - Save 10%!

The second half of Essentials. Add the new materials for Lessons 16-22 and 23-30 to your supplements from Volume 1 and you're ready to go!

Optional Add-On Programs

The Essentials Reader
A reading comprehension supplement for struggling readers

The Rhythm of Handwriting
Cursive or manuscript handwriting instruction

A complete course in the structure of written English—for ages 8 to adult!

  • A powerful remedial program for older students and adults who struggle with reading or spelling
  • A comprehensive course in the structure of written English words for any student in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade to give them a strong grasp of the spelling concepts that govern 98% of English words, how morphology shapes spelling and reflects meaning, the parts of speech, and sentence-level grammar rules — before they complete elementary school!
  • May also be used for students in any grade, age 8 to adult, who would benefit from greater understanding of English spelling, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Teach one lesson per week to complete Essentials once through in one year, or move more slowly at whatever pace works for your students and schedule.
  • Three levels of spelling lists, grammar practice, and vocabulary instruction in each lesson allow you to customize the level of challenge, teach students at multiple levels simultaneously, and repeat multiple times for deeper mastery of the concepts.
  • Teach the full 30-lesson curriculum two or three times for deeper mastery and new content with the three levels of instruction!
  • Recommended as the written language portion of ELL instruction
  • Strong readers will gain a deeper understanding of why our words are spelled the way they are, gain new insights into vocabulary and word origins, and be able to explain the reasons for English spelling to others.
  • Learn more about using Essentials in different grade levels and settings

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