Teacher Training Video Course

This free reading and spelling teaching course is a full day training for teachers and parents who desire to improve students’ language arts skills. This course is ideal for K-12 teachers, early childhood professionals, parents, ESL teachers, content teachers who desire to learn more about integrating reading instruction across the curriculum, and anyone who desires to learn more about multi-sensory, systematic phonics instruction.

Those preparing to teach Logic of English Essentials or Foundations will find this video course an excellent introduction to the content and approach in Logic of English curriculum.

Curriculum author and trainer Denise Eide provides professional development courses for schools, gives keynotes at literacy events, and speaks at educational and homeschool conferences nationwide. This video series now provides educators access to accessable, engaging Orton-Gillingham-based reading and spelling training.

The only way to reverse the literacy crisis is to make reading and spelling training easily accessible to all teachers, tutors, and parents. Yet we know that quality Orton-Gillingham based training is expensive. We decided to create a free resource where educators can learn more about phonograms, spelling rules, multi-sensory instruction, the latest reading research, and linguistic research so that everyone has access to this vital information. Armed with this knowledge we are confident that together we can then reverse the literacy crisis and provide students with a strong foundation upon which to build the rest of their education.
There are multiple ways to use this course, depending on what you want to get out of it, and the amount of time you can put into it.
  1. Just Watch the Free Videos. There is a lot of information to learn. You can watch at your own pace and pause or rewind at will.
  2. Purchase the Teacher Training Manual and take a complete course with all the exercises. The Training Manual contains a wealth of additional information and exercises to get the most out of this course.
  3. Group class. Gather a group of teachers to watch, discuss and complete the exercises together.

The Reading and Spelling Teacher Training Video Course has two main components:

  The free online videos, available below and on YouTube

  Teacher Training Manual PDF Download

The optional 191-page Training Manual, available as a downloadable PDF file through the Logic of English Store, includes additional notes, activities, teaching ideas, and detailed charts to enhance the training experience. The manual is also an excellent reference for parents and teachers as it provides games, activities, and teaching tips that may be used to enhance reading, spelling, phonemic awareness, phonogram, and handwriting instruction.

Time Page Description Watch
0:00 7 Introduction Full
Time Page Description Watch
2:30 11 Literacy Rates Full
3:55 14 A Brief History of Reading Instruction Medium
5:00 20 The Scope of English YouTube
12:32 21 English is a Complex Code
23 How Do We Teach Such a Massive Subject?
14:25 24 The Solution
20:42 27 Spelling Quiz
Time Page Description Watch
0:31 31 Oral Language Development Full
3:03 33 Written Language Development Medium
3:42 34 Phonemic Awareness YouTube
5:22 35 Additional Resources for Phonemic Awareness
12:03 41 Learning Phonograms
20:53 46 Early Childhood Development
Time Page Description Watch
0:00 49 Learning Styles Full
11:24 51 Multi-Sensory Phonogram Instruction Medium
12:07 52 Dyslexia YouTube
13:40 53 Reading and Physical Development
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 60 Cursive Compared to Manuscript Full
7:17 63 How to Teach Handwriting Medium
65 Lowercase Cursive YouTube
66 Lowercase Manuscript
67 Games for Teaching Phonograms
70 Handwriting Chart
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 73 Teaching the A-Z Phonograms Full
00000 75 Consonants, Vowels, and Syllables Medium
00000 76 Spelling List 1 YouTube
00000 77 Ideas for Meaningful Practice
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 78 New Phonograms - CK, EE, NG, TH Full
00000 79 Short, Long, and Broad Vowels Medium
00000 80 Teaching Through Discovery YouTube
00000 81 The Phonogram CK, Spelling Rule 26
00000 83 Spelling List 2
00000 85 Spelling Dictation and Analysis
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 87 New Phonograms - ER, OR, EA, SH Full
00000 87 Spelling Rule 4 Medium
00000 88 Spelling List 3 YouTube
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 90 Spelling Rule 3 Full
00000 91 New Phonograms - AI, AY, OI, OY Medium
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 95 Multiple Spellings of Sounds Full
00000 98 Solutions Medium
00000 102 Spelling Games YouTube
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 107 Spellings of the Long /A/ Sound Full
00000 108 Spelling Rule 10 Medium
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 111 New Phonograms - ar, ch, oo, oa, oe Full
00000 113 Phonogram Tic-Tac-Toe Medium
00000 114 Spelling Rule 30 YouTube
00000 116 Spelling List 4
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 118 Accent Full
00000 119 Schwa Medium
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 120 New Phonograms - wr, au, aw, augh, igh Full
00000 121 Spelling Rule 28 Medium
00000 123 Spelling List 5 YouTube
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 125 New Phonograms - kn, gn, ir, ur, ear Full
00000 126 Spellings of /er/ Medium
00000 127 Spelling Rule 8 YouTube
00000 128 Spelling List 6
00000 130 Derivatives
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 133 Spelling Rule 1 Full
00000 135 Applications of Spelling Rule 1 Medium
00000 136 Spelling Rule 2 YouTube
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 138 Latin Spellings of /sh/ Full
00000 139 Spelling List 7 Medium
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 141 Spelling Rule 12.1 Full
00000 142 Long /u/ Medium
00000 143 Spelling Rule 12.2 YouTube
00000 144 Spelling Rule 12.3
00000 145 Spelling Rule 12.4
00000 146 Practicing Silent Final E's
00000 150 Spelling List 8
00000 152 Spelling List 13: Adding Suffixes to Silent Final E Words
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 153 The Phonograms I and Y Full
00000 153 Spelling Rule 6 and 7 Medium
00000 154 I says Long /e/ YouTube
00000 155 Spelling Rule 5
00000 156 Spelling Rule 15: Adding Suffixes to Words That End in Y
00000 158 Adding Suffixes Flow Chart
00000 159 Spelling Rule 14: Words Ending in One Vowel Followed by One Consonant
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 163 The Power of Roots Full
00000 168 Prefixes Medium
00000 170 Suffixes YouTube
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 175 Longitudinal Studies Full
00000 176 Functional MRI Studies Medium
00000 177 Five Strands of Reading YouTube
00000 179 Call To Action
Time Page Description Watch
00:00 178 Review of Spelling Quiz from Section 1 Full

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