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Phonemic Awareness Video

Denise Eide discusses developing Phonemic Awareness in students and how it forms the essential building blocks of reading and fluency.

Developing Fluent Readers Video

Denise Eide discusses developing fluency in reading, responding to questions from a reader on our Facebook page whose child had learned all the phonograms but still struggled to read words fluently.

Finger Spelling

Denise teaches how to use finger spelling to support students in sounding out and spelling new words. This simple technique is helpful both when teaching Logic of English spelling lists and any time when students need guidance on how to spell a word. Recorded live at a Logic of English teacher training.

Spelling Dictation - A Multi-Sensory Approach

Learn how to dictate one and two syllable words using the Logic of English style of dictation. This presentation will review the basic approach of Spelling Analysis (or Spelling Dictation), demonstrate how to mark words, introduce finger spelling, and explain how this method benefits all learning styles.

Spelling Analysis with One-Syllable Words

An in-depth spelling analysis workshop, focused on one-syllable words, filmed live at a Logic of English training. To help you experience spelling analysis from the perspective of a student learning to spell new words for the first time, Denise teaches a series of rare and unusual English words. She also explains the steps for spelling analysis and the benefits of this powerful instructional approach.

Teaching Handwriting

Denise will demonstrate multi-sensory methods for teaching handwriting. This video will aid teachers and parents in developing legible handwriting. Denise also discusses the importance of teaching the rhythm of handwriting and provides tips from The Logic of English handwriting curriculum.

The Five Strands of Reading

Many teachers and parents feel confused about how to teach phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Do we begin with fluency? Or phonics? What is phonemic awareness? In this video, Denise provides insight into the organic process of learning to read!

Silent Final E Video

How many reasons do you know for a silent final E? This video challenges you to rethink the assumption that there is only one reason and to see that English is really a logical system which can be easily understood.

Is English Illogical?

Do you think of English as illogical and full of exceptions? This video challenges you to rethink that assumption and see that English is really a logical system which can be easily understood.

Multi-Letter Phonogram Video

Single-Letter Phonograms A-Z Video

Spelling Rules 1 and 2 Video

Teaching the Phonogram Sounds Pt. 1

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