Spelling List Videos

The spelling lists in the videos below are alternative lists to accompany the corresponding lessons from the Logic of English Essentials curriculum. They are ideal for adult students who desire to improve their spelling or reading skills, for ESL and EFL students, and for upper elementary through high school students. Typically, students will use these spelling list videos in conjunction with studying Part 1 of the corresponding Essentials curriculum lessons. However, these spelling lessons may also stand alone.

To play the video, click the video image. To view a PDF of the spelling list, click the link on the right.

Lesson 1

This spelling list is the first in our series of free spelling lessons designed for adult students who desire to improve their spelling or reading skills, ESL and EFL students, and upper elementary through high school students. Spelling List 1

Lesson 2

This list incorporates the phonograms A-Z, ck, ee, ng, th, and Spelling Rule 26: CK is used only after a single vowel which says its short sound. Spelling List 2

Lesson 3

These spelling words use the Phonograms: er, or, ea, and sh. They also use the spelling rule: A, E, O, U usually say their names at the end of the syllable. Spelling List 3

Lesson 4

These spelling words use the phonograms and rules from previous lessons as well as the new phonograms ai, ay, oi, and oy. They will also be using the spelling rules English words do not end in I, U, V, or J; When a word ends in A it says /ä/; and AY ususally spells the long /ā/ sound at the end of a baseword. Spelling List 4

Review Lesson

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 is a review lesson.

Lesson 6

Lesson 6 adds the phonograms - ar, ch, oo. Spelling List 6

Lesson 7

This list includes two new Latin prefixes that will aid students in developing vocabulary. Spelling List 7

Lesson 8

This list incorporates two new phonograms: igh and wh. No new spelling rules are taught with List 8, but the list provides students with the opportunity to practice previously learned rules. Spelling List 8

Lesson 9

This list introduces new Phonograms: au, aw, augh Spelling List 9

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