School Videos

Trailer: 2016 Master Teacher Training

A preview of our 2016 Master Teacher Training Course, coming this summer!
Live training, classroom, and teacher footage, as well as participant reactions to last year's course. Take a look, and join us in Minnesota this June!

Foundations at KCS

Logic of English Foundations in action at Kaleidoscope Charter School.

A Kindergarten Teacher on LOE Foundations

A kindergarten teacher and reading specialist shares her thoughts on the Logic of English Foundations curriculum.

Success, No Excuses

Children learning to read and spell with Logic of English at Estill Elementary School

St. Mary's LOE Pilot Video

A video by teachers at St. Mary's Public School about their 2015 Logic of English pilot.
This video was created by the Chalkboard Project and is hosted by the St. Mary's Teacher Training YouTube channel.

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