Crazy Words Series

Logic of English partnered with the fourth grade classes at Jefferson Elementary School to create a series of videos called "Crazy Words Explained." Each week students wrote words that appeared to be exceptions to spelling rules, or words they simply did not understand in terms of why they are read and spelled they way they are, and placed these words in a Crazy Words box in their classroom. Denise then selected five words from the box to explain on video.

    Crazy Words 1

    crazy, phonics, telephone, efficient, rogue and rouge

    Crazy Words 2

    horrendous, tongue, genius, quidditch, and tsunami

    Crazy Words 3

    plaque, mythology, corps, immature and immoral

    Crazy Words 4

    marina, generalization, mannequin, pneumonia, and interrupt

    Crazy Words 5

    marvelous, sensible, antonym, synonym, and eponym

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