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“The Logic of English is the only systematic and complete reading program that I know. Finally something does work, and it is logical, and makes so much sense. The looks of confusion are gone and the children are really getting it. The Logic of English is truly amazing for teaching reading!” —Paula Peterson, Teacher and Reading Specialist

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Essentials 2nd Edition


"I can honestly say that after using numerous phonics/language arts programs, Logic of English is by far my favorite. ...If you have a student that is struggling or if you simply want to ensure mastery of the English language, this program is not only very thorough but it is very easy to use." —Adena F, blogger and homeschool parent
[struggling reader]

"I finally know all of the things I want to teach my students when it comes to reading, and I don't have to say 'that's an exception' all the time. ... Essentials allows me to differentiate the lessons for the variety of needs within my class. It is a complete program that makes a difference in the lives of readers and teachers." — Dawn Schoenbein, Special Education Teacher

"Making this work with all of my students is so much easier now, and the flexibility is fabulous. ... I can pick the book up and pretty much just teach." —Debra Brinkman, Footprints in the Butter
[multiple ages]

"An amazingly thorough curriculum that systematically gives students the tools they need to spell, read, and write well ... I would highly recommend Essentials to parents and teachers alike. —Stephen Slates, Public School Reading Specialist

"Through the unique way Essentials has the teacher introduce the words, students are taught to sound out the words on their own using the phonograms they have learned. ... the kids took to it very quickly and have remembered the various spelling rules with very little problem. The games and activities are really what makes this curriculum a hit with my kiddos though." —Brenda, Counting Pinecones
[struggling reader]

"I could seriously shout from the mountain tops: I FOUND IT! I FOUND THE ELUSIVE PERFECT ENGLISH CURRICULUM! ...Students are not expected to simply memorize these words! It is a step-by-step process that is clearly outlined for both the parent and the student. It took us a few weeks to get this process down, but once we did, it became invaluable! If Bean is trying to sound a new word to spell, I can reference the spelling analysis process and give her clues by prompting her to think about the rules we’ve learned." —Bringing School Home

"After spending a few days familiarizing myself with the program, I could open up the Teacher's Guide each day and immediately start teaching." —Through the Calm and Through the Storm

"I love that we cover the actual reasoning behind these rules as part of the Logic of English curriculum. Understanding the 'why' behind these things is extremely important especially when things like spelling and reading are not coming easily to a child." —One Mama's Journey

"My kids really enjoyed the level C vocabulary work. It was their favorite day with the curriculum. They found learning about the roots of words and their meanings very interesting." —Audria, At The Well

"There is so much involved with this curriculum, but it all works so easily (for the teacher) and in perfect harmony that it was a true pleasure to implement this into our school day." —Wendy, Ladybug Daydreams

"...[W]hat I love most about three levels being included in the program is the fluidity it allows me—the teacher—to move between levels based on the needs of my child! ... [M]y son is learning, thriving, and having fun with Essentials!" —Kristina, Schooltime Snippets

"I can’t express how impressed I am with this program. ...It’s a one-stop shop for all of your language arts components, and it’s so simple to use. And it helps kids to see how all of those individual language arts skills are so highly interconnected in practical everyday use. It’s a great way to consolidate instruction time for spelling, vocabulary, reading, and grammar into a single seamless daily lesson that is effortless to teach and flows really well." —Kelly, KGB That's Me
[multiple ages]

"I’m utterly impressed with Logic of English. The quality of the materials, the carefully constructed lessons, the inclusion of the didactic enhancements: flashcards, tile cards, videos, and most importantly for us, the games, all woven in at the right times. I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours of thoughtful dedication Ms. Denise Eide has devoted to developing this top-notch English program. ...This curriculum has shifted Super Hero’s attitude toward language arts completely." —Patricia, Raising A Self-Reliant Child

"I like it because I like games, and it's fun!" —Super Hero, homeschool student, age 10. Read the full review.

"I love that I can work on a language arts program with all of my children at once. I don't think I've come across anything as yet that I can do that with. ... My eldest reads above grade level but he still needs work with spelling, which is why I chose to include him in this, and he is learning a great deal already. I like that absolutely everything to teach reading, spelling, grammar and vocabulary is all included in this program. It is multi-sensory, includes games and various activities to appeal to most learners. Whilst the lessons are jam packed, you can easily take things at your own pace." —Our Worldwide Classroom
[multiple ages]

"I loved how it was all laid out for me. I loved how I was learning with my kids and my daughter was learning the foundation of our language, not just memorizing rote rules that made no sense to her. This is a fantastic program and honestly, worth the investment. You can use this with multiple kids, which is a money saver, and the amount of materials that it comes with and the quality of the materials is amazing." —Rebecca, Hip Homeschooling
[multiple ages]

"Essentials offers integrated language arts instruction based on research and thorough methodology. It can readily be used with students across a broad age span. Essentials does require some advance reading and preparation by parents or teachers, but it does not require training classes or other extensive teacher preparation. Once past introductory information about the program, you can teach most lessons without significant lesson prep time. That factor makes Essentials an especially practical choice for many parents who want to use this type of methodology." —Cathy Duffy, author, speaker, and curriculum specialist.

"I have learned so much about the English language while teaching this curriculum to my students. It is the most thorough—and FUN—Language Arts curriculum I have used! If you are looking for a curriculum that will teach all the spelling rules (and thoroughly explain the “exceptions”) so that your students become more confident spellers—and one that your students will enjoy and that is easy to teach!—you will not be disappointed with Essentials." —Jennifer G., Certified Elementary Teacher and Homeschool Mom

"I love being able to teach all my children together. This new edition allows us to work together for the lesson, practice the rules together, play phonogram games together—and then I can teach each of my children a spelling list that will challenge them appropriately. This is a winner for a large homeschooling family!" —Heather, Only Passionate Curiosity

"[I]t is a superb tool for helping children, like mine and my tutoring student, grow in understanding of spelling, reading, vocabulary, and grammar so that they can become strong readers and communicators." —"The BEST Curriculum I've Seen for Unlocking English Skills," Training Happy Hearts
[multiple ages] [dyslexia]

"I didn’t know it could be done, but Pedia Learning has somehow made a great curriculum even better. Their experience and insight into how Logic of English Essentials has been implemented in homes and classrooms across the nation has helped them expand this program to meet the needs of even more students of all levels and strengths.

"Added levels of spelling and vocabulary lists will help the teacher of multiple levels work with all students and allow the program to be used for multiple years. Color-coded symbols and notes will make quick reference and teaching even easier. By providing quick assessments and a flexible schedule, students will be able to work at an appropriate pace while having their individual needs met.

"We have seen tremendous success in the many students with whom we work who are using Essentials. Moms and teachers love the easy to use and understand format and share that they are often learning as much as their students. Thank you, Denise, for taking the mystery out of the English language for us." —Nancy Bjorkman, Heppner’s Legacy Homeschool Resources; Homeschool Veteran and Consultant

"Essentials really is ideal for practically every child. Whether your child learns best visually, auditorially, or kinesthetically, he’ll benefit from Essentials. If you’re looking for an English language arts course par excellence, look no further!" — FinchNWren

"I have been very pleased with Essentials as a reading, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar program for my 2nd grader and feel that it truly is the essential follow up to Foundations. I definitely plan to purchase Volume 2 when it comes out in 2017!" — Amanda Medlin, blogger and homeschool mom


"Logic of English Foundations is the most thorough yet simple and fun way to learn to read and write. I wish this had been around years ago when I was first starting out in the classroom!” —Debi Lowery, Kindergarten Teacher

"I think Logic of English is a phenomenal program that truly caters to all styles of learning – even those hands-on, kinesthetic learners! ... It has made the world of different with my son. He looks forward to learning and is excited every single day. He even asks me to do “school” – meaning do Logic of English – at night for bedtime routine, on the weekends, and other random times that we wouldn’t normally do school. He LOVES IT! " — Heather, A Nurse's Wildflowers
[struggling reader] [learning disabilities]

"We really have been having a fabulous time with this! I cannot say enough how much I love seeing my little guy love doing Logic of English each day. He is excited about it, no moaning or groaning. It is all laid out in such a clear and simple way that he is really beginning to see and understand language in a way that is making him a much more confident reader." — Jennifer, A 'Peace' of Mind
[Foundations B]

"Handwriting, spelling, and reading go hand in hand, so instead of needing three separate programs to teach these skills, all you need is Logic of English Foundations. ...All of these skills are taught through the use of games, physical activities, and fun lessons that will keep the child’s interest. Learning to read doesn’t need to be stressful and hard. It should be FUN. Logic of English Foundations speaks to the heart of a child. Lessons are written in such a way to make sure fun and learning go hand in hand. —Heather, OnlyPassionateCuriosity.com
[Foundations A]

"The progress in my son's reading and writing abilities in the few months since we began using Foundations is truly unbelievable. My son has gone from a very reluctant, struggling reader, to a confident and happy learner. The lessons are well-paced, engaging, and so full of activities and fun that he doesn't notice how much he is learning — but I do." —Elisa St. Clair, Homeschool Teacher

"Harold and Hannah loved putting their hands on their throats to feel the vibration that voiced sounds made. They also enjoyed plugging their noses to see if the sounds were nasal or not. Did you know you can't say a nasal sound if you plug your nose? ... Foundations Level A is a great beginning reading program. I love that it focuses on both phonemic awareness and handwriting. I also appreciate that a child does not need to be held back if they are having trouble with the handwriting portion." —Tots and Me

"Foundations... provides thorough coverage of language arts for the early grades in an integrated fashion that saves you the trouble of selecting separate handwriting and spelling programs. —Cathy Duffy, author, speaker, and curriculum specialist.
(You can read about Foundations in Cathy's book 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, Grove, 2016.)

"An Awesome Hands-On Language Arts curriculum for ages 4-7. ... Since these lessons are presented in bite-sized attainable portions, he doesn't get overwhelmed and shut down. Rather, he engages and excels." —Heather, Thrift Schooling

"Logic of English has trained me to be a better teacher and I have the support I need to really feel like I can do this... The program includes active games, including things like scavenger hunts, read and do (words like spin, jump, run, hop, stomp), obstacle courses, and so many more. It also includes letter of the day activities, readers, worksheets, card games, and good old fashioned spelling dictation. Mr. Man asks to do these lessons, and is eager to play the games. It has turned learning to read into the time we look forward to most in the day." —"My Baby Can Read. Also, Logic of English is Awesome." OnlyPassionateCuriosity.com
[Foundations A].

“My kindergarteners are far surpassing what my kindergarten students have ever accomplished in reading, writing and spelling. Their favorite subject is Logic of English. The program is not only in-depth, it is fun and engaging. It is well laid out and extremely easy to teach... As an educator for over 25 years it is the most exciting and effective curriculum I have used.” —Julie Knollenberg, Kindergarten Teacher

"What could be dry and dull has become a fun game-like experience for my kindergartener!...[W]hat I love best about the program as a whole is the concept of giving readers the tools to unlock ANY book at any level, once they’ve achieve mastery of phonemic awareness. I believe I’m setting my kids up for reading success far into the future." — Julie, Happy Strong Home

"I used Foundations A through D with Jack and it was one of his favorite parts of our day. I am happy to say that he is now a great reader and speller with beautiful cursive handwriting. (Well, most of the time. He is an 8 year old boy after all.) I started Foundations with Aidan this school year and although his learning style and personality are different from Jack’s, he also loves Logic of English and is in the early stages of becoming a great reader and speller himself." — Amanda Medlin, homeschool parent and blogger

"I like the yellow book reading curriculum. There are fun games and activities. I really enjoy reading the mini books in the back of the workbook they are funny and have neat pictures." —Gwyn, age 8, homeschool student. Read the full review

"In LOE Foundations Level D, we are covering Language Arts with no gaps! Any standard lesson covers reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, and writing. This is hands-on, interactive, and so much fun. It has worked phenomenally well with my accelerated young learner and it is now working again well with my attention-span of a butterfly spirited child.

"Level A took us from basic phonogram awareness to short-vowel words. Level B took us through short sentences, long vowels, schwa sounds, and multi-letter phonograms. Level C was an adventure into paragraphs, new spelling rules and phonograms, as well as multi-syllable words. Now, with Level D we are really getting basic phonogram mastery and reading REAL books." — Creative Madness Mama

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you! My almost seven year old daughter has been struggling to learn to read since we started with [another curriculum] when she was four. I had strong suspicions by kindergarten that we were dealing with dyslexia, but we continued to fight our way through despite not making progress.
 In October, I scheduled a dyslexia evaluation and a friend told me about LOE. As a former elementary school teacher, it immediately appealed to me. I wish I would have been taught this in my college pedagogy classes!
 We started Foundations A in November, and immediately the tears during reading stopped! We're almost done with level A and she's started reading words own her own. Now the tears are tears of JOY!
 My five year old can't wait to start 'dragon school' when she starts kindergarten in the fall. Mom looks forward to continuing with a fabulous program." — Stacy W, homeschool parent

Essentials 1st Edition


Comprehensive, clearly presented, interesting, and complete, The Logic of English Essentials provides teachers a holistic way to teach English reading, spelling, writing and grammar. Whether a beginning, struggling, or adult student, you will find this an exciting and fun guide to developing proficient readers and spellers. This is truly a 'new paradigm' for teachers and students.” —Dr. Robert Sweet, Jr., National Right to Read Foundation

"Crying tears of joy, joy, joy! My 14-year-old daughter, who has severe processing issues and who has had so much difficulty learning to read, is now reading on an upper middle school level! Last summer she was on a 3rd grade reading level. We started Logic of English Essentials in January and are just finishing lesson 30. I can't wait to see how she is reading when she has finished with the entire program!" —Kim W., Teacher and Homeschool Parent

"Logic of English offers a different approach to teach reading, spelling and writing. I was truly astounded at how well this system really seems to work, especially for my daughter who has Down syndrome." —Lori, Special Connection Homeschool

"I really feel this is a program all parents should be aware of, because it’s a game changer for families with kids trying to learn to read and spell. ...It is the most clear and comprehensive phonics based reading and spelling based program I have seen on the market, and is one I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in. It does have a learning curve, but Logic of English has provided you with all the tools you need to be a successful teacher with this program." —Heather, Only Passionate Curiosity

"I can wholeheartedly recommend The Logic of English for your student, whether it’s an elementary-age child, a struggling older or adult reader, or even an ESL student. It is clear, easy to use and teach, and it makes sense of a language that we’ve all heard is long on exceptions and short on common rules. ... Your students will receive an excellent grounding in the essentials of the English language…and so will you!" — FinchNWren

The Rhythm of Handwriting

"I was amazed how easy it was to teach how to form each letter!" —Kristen, homeschool parent

"Rhythm of Handwriting ... includes wonderful material for the teacher as well as handwriting instructional pages and worksheets for the student. Author Denise Eide has created a system of handwriting instruction that is clear, simple and absolutely stress-free. ...And it not only removes stress, it enables the student to write beautifully and legibly! (Don’t tell our old handwriting curriculum, but we are NOT coming back!)" — FinchNWren

"...It made handwriting a thousand million times more enjoyable than it used to be. I think this explains the letters better. For parents who want their kids to just start on cursive, this is the curriculum to use. And that’s my thoughts on it!" —Jackson, homeschool student (read the full review)

"Initially, when the book arrived, I thought of it as a "no frills" handwriting program, because it doesn't have cartoons or pictures like programs we've used in the past. However, upon getting into it, I realized that involving large motor skills, and tips for developing fine motor skills trump cutesy images when it comes to getting results. Reading the front of the book really helped me think about all that goes into learning to form letters correctly and neatly." —Shecki, Greatly Blessed

"[S]ince beginning cursive with Rhythm of Handwriting, Michael has actually enjoyed handwriting! ... He doesn't complain about writing when he is working in this workbook. This is the best cursive program I have seen." —My (re)Viewpoint

"I wasn't really expecting to love a handwriting book, but I do! ... In terms of ease, straight-forward instruction, and lessons that maybe take 5 minutes for each session, it would be hard to beat The Rhythm of Handwriting." —Preschoolers and Peace


The information that I’ve learned this week has been so powerful, because I feel like it has the potential to open a lot of doors for our children.Rebecca, Special Education Instructional Specialist; past president, Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas

Everyone is talking about the problems with reading. Denise is providing hope and pointing a way out!Workshop attendee, Education Minnesota

This training is a must-have for every teacher of reading! Even as an adult, I had several ah-ha learning moments during each training session. This instruction will awaken the love of reading in students at an early age by taking away the frustration of failure. It is designed to build confidence and produce growth. Literacy training attendee, South Carolina

The training’s been really valuable... I feel like I have the tools to go back to school and execute it.Jamie, 3rd grade teacher, North Carolina

I feel so much more confident in going back and teaching my students because now I understand it!Christi, Kindergarten teacher, Oregon

This training is amazing and I know it will change the lives of my students, because it changed my life; I now know how the language comes together. Literacy training attendee, South Carolina

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