A high-quality student response board for teaching handwriting and for practicing phonograms and spelling words.

Logic of English Student Whiteboards

Double-sided and kid-sized!

This durable student whiteboard is thoughtfully designed to introduce handwriting and aid in the transition to fine motor writing. It can serve as an accessible starting point for first-time writers, a practice variation for older handwriting students, and an ideal tool for demonstrating handwriting strokes and letters.

Conveniently sized for small hands and writing practice on the go.

Two Sides, Multiple Uses

The large handwriting chart on the front of each board is ideal for teaching the strokes and how to write the twenty-six letters. It can also be used for spelling dictation with young students or children who struggle with fine motor writing.

The reverse side has four lines for writing words, phrases, sentences, and even short paragraphs. The lines are ideally spaced for writing with standard whiteboard markers (not included).

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Dimensions: 8x11 inches

These sturdy, high-quality boards are made in the U.S.A. for Logic of English. They are stain resistant and will not peel.

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