A student-created reference that helps developing spellers think critically and recognize patterns in the spelling rules and words they learn.

The Logic of English Spelling Journal provides students with a place to collect commonly misspelled words.

Each page gives different options for how a specific sound can be spelled and lines on which to record words that use that spelling. As students choose words to enter in the journal, they identify which sound within the word has multiple spelling options. They then categorize the word based upon the correct phonogram or spelling rule.

This focused activity aids students in mastering commonly misspelled words by providing them with a systematic tool to pinpoint the area of difficulty, recognize the options, and identify the correct spelling.

For ideas, tips, and more information about using a Spelling Journal (with Logic of English or any complete phonics program), visit our blog: How To Use A Spelling Journal.

The first four spellings from the /ā/ section
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Spelling Journal Highlights

Sound to Spelling Reference, which also serves as a Table of Contents.

Complete table of the phonograms and sounds.

NEW in the second edition! Relevant spelling rules or tips are included to help students determine which spellings can be used in a given word. In addition, cues for how many words use an uncommon spelling of a sound help students recognize unusual English spellings.

The Logic of English Spelling Journal is designed to accompany our Essentials curriculum and may be used with any systematic phonics program.

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