A teacher’s dream for handwriting instruction!

Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart

A wealth of information at your fingertips for guiding students to success in handwriting

This colorful chart, organized by handwriting stroke, includes all the vital information for our Rhythm of Handwriting program. Complete and concise directions on how to form each of the lowercase and uppercase letters instruct students on where to begin each letter, which strokes to use, and where the letter sits on the lines. The short, rhythmic directions that make The Rhythm of Handwriting so effective are printed in bold. A fold-out flap includes each of the handwriting strokes needed to write every letter, completing this powerful teacher tool!

While the Quick Reference charts are designed as teacher tool to supplement the handwriting instruction in The Rhythm of Handwriting and Foundations, the information is so comprehensive that an experienced teacher may find them the only tool needed to guide students to fluid, legible handwriting.

Available in Cursive and Manuscript.
Printed on coated stock for long-term use and durability.
Folding reference chart, with four 8.5x11 sides plus a fold-out flap.

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