An audio reference guide to phonogram sounds.

/ǎ-ā-ä/ ... How do you say that again?

All the phonogram sounds, compiled for teacher and student reference. Spoken by Denise Eide.

The Logic of English® Phonogram MP3 is an audio pronunciation guide to the 74 Basic and 35 Advanced Phonograms. This resource is not an audiobook but a supplemental tool to aid students and teachers in pronouncing the phonograms.

This Phonogram MP3 is a downloadable version of our original Phonogram CD.

The Phonogram MP3 includes audio tracks for each the following:

  • The single-letter phonograms
  • The multi-letter phonograms with spelling aids
  • All 74 basic phonograms in alphabetical order
  • The advanced phonograms with spelling aids
  • Two quizzes on the 74 basic phonograms in random order

Just need to check a phonogram or two? You can also listen to the audio links on our free online Phonogram Chart. If you would like the benefit of our full audio guide, follow the link below to purchase the Mp3 at our store.

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