Colorful game tiles of all 75 basic phonograms! Perfect for spelling exercises, practice, and games.

Logic of English Phonogram Game Tiles

Edition 2 — now includes the phonogram ES

Ideal for playing phonogram and spelling games!

These colorful tiles are also an excellent spelling practice manipulative, especially for children who are still developing the fine motor skills needed for writing. A great way to add variety to spelling practice for any student!

The set includes all of the 75 basic phonograms taught in Logic of English® curriculum, not just the A-Z letters! Tiles are color-coded for consonants, vowels, R-controlled phonograms, and silent E's. Multiples of common phonograms enable students to spell a greater variety of words.

The Game Tiles are recommended with Logic of English Foundations and Essentials. They may also be used to supplement any systematic phonics program.

The 130 tiles are printed on a heavy, coated cardboard and perforated for easy separation. The cover page is made of the same material as the tiles, with a blank side that may be used as a durable playing surface.

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