Phonogram Game Cards

Promote fun and active learning with our Phonogram Game Cards! Designed to be used with Essentials and Foundations or by anyone who wants to play the games in our Phonogram and Spelling Game Book, our Phonogram Game Cards provide engaging and entertaining ways to practice the phonograms and increase fluency. Our students love Logic of English games!

"This is AWESOME!"

Lily, age 6

The Phonogram Game Cards are available in three different decks, each in a different color and font: blue in a standard bookface, green in cursive, and red in manuscript. The cursive and manuscript fonts match those used in Logic of English curriculum. Most of our games required two sets of cards, and we encourage parents and educators to choose two different styles to help students become familiar with the different fonts.

Each deck includes the 74 basic phonograms and 14 action cards, like Reverse and Wild, to enhance game play. Cards are printed on 2.25" x 3.5" durable cardstock and are coated to last through lots of play.

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