Third Edition (2018)
Eighty-four Grammar Cards introduce key grammar concepts!

The Logic of English® Grammar Flash Cards aid students in mastering the parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules, apostrophes, sentence types, sentence styles, verb aspect, and more.

The front of each card presents a concise statement of the rule or definition. The back shows sample words or sentences. Cards may be used to introduce key concepts, for quick review, or to ask students to recall the rule based on the examples.

Though these cards are designed to accompany the Logic of English Essentials curriculum, they may be used to supplement any grammar program. The comma rules follow the conventions used in The Chicago Manual of Style.

The set was updated in 2018 to include a number of new grammar concepts taught in the second half of Essentials.

The 84 cards in this set are printed on heavy 4.5"x6" stock and coated for repeated use and durability.

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