Forty-eight Advanced Phonograms unlock thousands of advanced vocabulary words.

The 74 basic phonograms and 31 spelling rules taught in Logic of English® curriuclum equip students to decode 98% of English words. They are the core of written English.

However, when students are familiar with the Advanced Phonograms as well, they can read thousands more!

The Logic of English Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards include forty-eight advanced phonograms; many are adopted from foreign languages. Each card provides sample words, a language of origin, and spelling aids on the back for quick teacher reference. The Advanced Phonograms are a great way for students to continue study beyond the 74 Basic Phonograms and increase their knowledge of word origins.

Third Edition (2018). These 4.5 x 6-inch cards are printed on heavy stock and coated for repeated use and durability.

Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards are used with the Logic of English Essentials curriculum and are also recommended for Level D of Foundations. They may also be used to supplement any complete phonics program.

Discover New Phonograms!

The list of Advanced Phonograms is subject to change as we discover new patterns and as the language adopts new words. In 2015 we updated our Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards, adding 13 new phonograms and removing two sounds that we now teach as Basic Phonogram sounds (I saying long /e/ and X saying /z/). These changes are now included in the Advanced Phonogram Flash Card set. If you would like to add the new phonograms to an existing deck of flash cards, create your own cards to add the new phonograms to your existing deck of flash cards, using the images below!

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