The Rhythm of Handwriting for Struggling Readers and Writers

Handwriting is often a challenge for students who struggle with language, but learning it can be a critical component of their success as readers because writing gives students a kinesthetic experience of each letter and helps them make connections in the brain that deepen learning.

The rhythmic, multi-sensory nature of The Rhythm of Handwriting makes it an excellent program for teaching struggling readers and writers. Logic of English's emphasis on kinesthetic learning and on starting with large motor skills makes our approach to writing particularly beneficial for students who are still developing fine motor skills and for active, kinesthetic learners.

A variety of line sizes to choose from, the combination of visual, auditory, spoken, and kinesthetic elements, and an abundance of creative ideas for practicing writing make The Rhythm of Handwriting a powerful for unlocking writing and reading for struggling learners.

My son - who is normally in total refusal to do anything related to Language Arts - begged me to dig out some extra lined paper so he can practice his cursive "a." He has beautiful handwriting now, and is SO proud of himself. He wants to do even more of it later! This is unprecedented in my home."
Nadine D., Homeschool Parent

The Rhythm of Handwriting is designed to accompany our Essentials curriculum or serve as a stand-alone handwriting program. The Rhythm of Handwriting approach is built into the lessons of our Foundations curriculum, so you do not need to purchase it separately if you are planning to teach Foundations. Learn more about The Rhythm of Handwriting Buy now!

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