Logic of English Foundations

An engaging, multi-sensory, logical approach that opens the doors to reading for young children of every learning style!

Our Foundations curriculum provides an excellent means to learning English reading, writing, and spelling for all emerging readers, but its innovative, systematic, active, and multi-sensory approach can be particularly lifechanging for energetic and wiggly children or very logically minded students who have struggled with or simply been left behind by other language programs.

How does Foundations help students who struggle?

  • First things first. Students start at the beginning, developing strong phonemic awareness—which is the number one predictor of success in reading and a foundational building block for reading skills.
  • A carefully designed progression. The curriculum guides and supports students as they apply and build on what they have learned. Rather than asking them to make intuitive leaps and fill in the gaps themselves, Foundations equips students with all the tools they need before presenting each new challenge.
  • Real answers to language questions. Instead of asking students to memorize the hundreds of "exceptions" and half-true spelling rules that struggling readers often find so discouraging, Foundations teaches logical rules that accurately describe English spelling, gives teachers real answers to students' questions, and encourages students to think critically about language and ask "why?"
  • We love active learners! Systematic and logical instruction need not equal boring lessons! In Foundations we embrace the playfulness and energy of kids and respect the variety of ways in which students learn. Every lesson uses visual, auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic learning; students' minds are engaged through games, strategy, listening, marching, jumping, shouting, whispering, balancing, guessing, and fun!
  • "I absolutely love this program. I had to strongly urge my son to stop after almost 75 mins of working on LOE yesterday. It is definitely exciting him, and instead of being terrified of walking into a bookstore like usual, we went to book shop yesterday afternoon and he was excited about a novel he wanted and said 'I'll be reading in no time, Mom!'"

    Nadine D., Homeschool Parent

    "Just wanted to say THANK YOU for bringing back the joy of learning to my 6 year old son. He used to hate reading and writing. LOE Foundations has made him so excited. We decided to start back at the beginning because of writing and other reading issues he has. This has given him a lot of confidence. He loves the games, ideas, and even *gasp* learning to write! Today he asked me, 'Are we learning a new stroke today?'

    Meghan, homeschool mom
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