Logic of English Essentials

Real Answers for Struggling Readers age 8 to Adult

The systematic, logical, and multi-sensory instruction in Essentials makes it a particularly effective program for struggling readers of any age. Students who are not proficient in reading are systematically taught the pieces they have been missing. They develop underlying skills such as phonemic awareness that are needed for success in reading, acquire tools to decode written English successfully, learn strategies and information that elimitate the need for memorizing hundreds of 'exceptions,' and receive answers to questions about English that have proved disheartening and overwhelming for so many who struggle with reading. The variety of practice activities offers numerous ways students can further strengthen understanding and skills, both independently and with parents, paraprofessionals, or volunteers.

Essentials can be used over the course of a year or longer or as an intensive reading intervention over the course of eight to twenty weeks. The flexible curriculum makes it possible to adapt Essentials to the age, needs, ability level, and time frame of the individual student. Strong readers who struggle with spelling will also benefit greatly from the use of Essentials as a spelling remediation program.

“Crying tears of joy, joy, joy! My 14 year old daughter, who has severe processing issues and who has had so much difficulty learning to read, is now reading on an upper middle school level! Last summer she was on a 3rd grade reading level. We started Logic of English Essentials in January and are just finishing lesson 30. I can't wait to see how she is reading when she has finished with the entire program! ...

“I have degree in reading education and have taught children how to read; however, this was the first time I had seen a reading program make complete sense.”
Kim Wright, teacher and homeschool parent

NEW! The optional Essentials Reader is now available! Designed to build confidence, fluency, and comprehension for struggling readers, the Essentials Reader includes engaging reading passages for each Essentials lesson that are appropriate for the intellectual and developmental level of older students and controlled for the phonograms and spelling rules that have been taught. Passages include fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Curriculum details, video tour, and sample pages
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Essentials has been used successfully with gifted readers, adult students, children who are reading below grade level, and learners with significant developmental disabilities. For customer perspectives on using Essentials with struggling readers, visit Special Connection Homeschool for a review from a mom teaching her daughter with Down syndrome and see our Testimonials page for other reviews and feedback.

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