Logic of English for Struggling Readers

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Making the Orton-Gillingham Method Accessible to Everyone

The Logic of English approach is based on the multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham method, which has been used successfully in reading remediation for over eighty years.

In the past, this material was available primarily in expensive training courses and remedial learning centers. We want to make it available to everyone! As research has demonstrated, when we teach using systematic methods that answer their questions about English, almost all students will be able to read proficiently.

At the heart of the Logic of English program are 74 phonograms and 31 spelling rules that logically explain 98% of English words. The Logic of English makes systematic phonics easily accessible to parents and teachers without expensive training or testing. In addition, Logic of English curriculum uses the four learning pathways—auditory, kinesthetic, visual, and speech—to provide a truly multi-sensory approach to reading and spelling. Our lessons respect the gifts of all learners while strengthening their areas of weakness. In addition, countless LOE students and teachers tell us that learning in a multi-sensory way is just plain fun!

Teach the way your student learns, and learn while you teach!

Logic of English materials are designed to be easy to use while maintaining flexibility to adapt to the needs of the students. Optional activities coded by learning style allow teachers to customize and expand upon lessons easily. Reference materials such as Uncovering the Logic of English and our Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference Chart give answers to questions. Multi-sensory handwriting products round out our curriculum by providing students a kinesthetic avenue to written language. A variety of supplements enhance practice activities and engage student interest.

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"I have been using your Essentials curriculum with my thirteen-year-old nephew this past year. He just completed his annual testing, and his reading recognition jumped from grade 2.8 to 7.2! Thank you so much! You are changing lives for the better! ... You have helped turn our tears to joy."

—Alyce, 2015

Remedial Settings Where Logic of English is Used

  • Remedial reading classrooms
  • Private learning centers
  • Private tutors for school-age and adult learners
  • Parents homeschooling students with reading disabilities
  • Parents supplementing their children’s education
  • Students with Autism
  • Students with Dyslexia
  • Students with other learning disabilities
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