Our Spelling Lists by Phonogram section includes lists of all commonly known base words using a particular rarely used phonogram, lists of all commonly known words using a particular phonogram in a particular way, and lists of sample words that use a particular spelling pattern.

UI - English words containing UI

This is a spelling list including all the known base words which include the phonogram UI.

  1. bruise
  2. bruit
  3. cruise
  4. fruit
  5. juice
  6. nuisance
  7. pursuit
  8. recruit
  9. sluice
  10. suit

(If you live in a region where ruin is commonly pronounced with one syllable, include it with this list. In most English dialects this word is pronounced with two syllables, with U saying its long sounds and I saying its short sound or a schwa sound, rather with the phonogram UI saying /oo/.)

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