Our Spelling Lists by Phonogram section includes lists of all commonly known base words using a particular rarely used phonogram, lists of all commonly known words using a particular phonogram in a particular way, and lists of sample words that use a particular spelling pattern.

KLE - Every syllable must have a written vowel

This word list contains all the known base words that end in the syllable -kle and follow the spelling rule: Every syllable must have a written vowel. Notice these words also follow the spelling rule: CK is used only after a single short vowel. The sound /kl/ is spelled -ckle after a short vowel. When it is after the consonant N the /k/ sound is spelled with a K.

  1. ankle
  2. buckle
  3. cackle
  4. chuckle
  5. crackle
  6. crinkle
  7. fickle
  8. freckle
  9. grackle
  10. hackle
  11. heckle
  12. honeysuckle
  13. knuckle
  14. periwinkle
  15. pickle
  16. prickle
  17. ramshackle
  18. shackle
  19. speckle
  20. sprinkle
  21. stickle
  22. suckle
  23. tackle
  24. tickle
  25. tinkle
  26. trickle
  27. twinkle
  28. wrinkle

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