Our Spelling Lists by Phonogram section includes lists of all commonly known base words using a particular rarely used phonogram, lists of all commonly known words using a particular phonogram in a particular way, and lists of sample words that use a particular spelling pattern.

WOR - Words Containing WOR

This spelling list contains all the known base words which use the phonogram WOR.  I continue to be amazed by these lists! When I wrote Uncovering the Logic of English, if the derivative list was more than 400 or 500 words I assumed that there would be too many base words. There are nine words that use the phonogram WOR. There are 6 which contain the letters W, O, and R, however they are not using the phonogram WOR. These fifteen words form over 800 derivates! Spelling in English is becoming easier and easier. Though we have two million words in the lexicon, a vast majority of them are derivatives! This powerfully demonstrates the power of learning roots!

Words using the phonogram WOR that says /wer/.

  1. word
  2. work
  3. world
  4. worm
  5. worry
  6. worse
  7. worship
  8. worst
  9. worth


These three have an S followed by a W, as in sweet, swing, etc.

  1. sword
  2. sworn
  3. swore


These three use the phonogram W followed by the phonogram OR.

  1. wore
  2. worn
  3. wort

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