Our Spelling Lists by Phonogram section includes lists of all commonly known base words using a particular rarely used phonogram, lists of all commonly known words using a particular phonogram in a particular way, and lists of sample words that use a particular spelling pattern.

WR - Words Containing WR

This spelling list contains all the base words in common usage that use the phonogram WR. Notice that the phonogram WR is used only at the beginning of a base word.

I continue to be amazed by how the most confusing spellings have very limited lists of words. As I am writing curriculum, I am pausing to analyze each of the phonograms in more depth. This is generating new lists of words which I will continue to post. 

  1. wrack
  2. wraith
  3. wrangle
  4. wrap
  5. wrath
  6. wreak
  7. wreath
  8. wreathe
  9. wreck
  10. wren
  11. wrest
  12. wrestle
  13. wretch
  14. wriggle
  15. wright
  16. wring
  17. wrinkle
  18. wrist
  19. writ
  20. write
  21. writhe
  22. wrong
  23. wrote
  24. wry

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