Spelling List 6

Spelling List 6 is an alternative list for Logic of English Essentials Lesson 6. Students who complete Part 1 of Lesson 6 (pages 57-61) before watching the video will gain the most from this lesson. It is also recommended to introduce how to form a plural found in Part 3 on pages 64-65.

Note: At this time we do not have a Spelling List 5. This is because Essentials Lesson 5 is a review of the previous four lessons.

This lesson adds the phonograms - ar, ch, oo.

Students also will need to know the spelling rules:

  • We often double F, L, and S after a single vowel at the end of a baseword. Occasionally other letters also are doubled.
  • To make a noun plural, add the ending -S unless the word hisses or changes, then add -ES. Occasional nouns have no change or an irregular spelling.



Spelling List 6 PDF

Spelling List 6 PDF



For a more explicit lesson teaching this rule see Logic of English Essentials: Lesson 3, Part 1.

Students will also need to know the rules and phonograms taught in the previous spelling lists.


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