Logic of English Essentials for Schools

Essentials is an evidence-based reading, spelling, grammar, and writing program for students age 8 to adult. In schools, it can be used as the main spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills curriculum in upper elementary and for reading or spelling remediation with struggling students in upper elementary, middle school, and high school grades. Multi-sensory, engaging, and systematic, Essentials equips students with all the tools required to read 98% of the two million words in the English language and understand why they are spelled the way they are.

  • Flexible, differentiated curriculum adapts easily to the needs of different students
  • Effective for gifted students, remedial readers, ELL, and younger and older learners
  • Designed for classroom and one-on-one use
  • Engaging, multi-sensory instruction and exercises

Essentials teaches

Using Essentials

Schools can use Essentials as an upper elementary spelling, vocabulary, and grammar program, as a school-wide reading intervention, as a remedial course for struggling readers at any level, as a component of ELL programs, in one-on-one tutoring, and as the spelling, phonics, grammar, and basic reading skills component of their language arts program in grades 2 through 5.

Suggested scripting, extensive teacher tips, and a rich array of optional activities in each lesson allow teachers to teach Essentials successfully without special training and to tailor the curriculum to their students' needs. The optional Essentials Reader provides engaging, phonics-controlled reading passages for struggling readers using Essentials for reading remediation. Multiple levels of application within the lessons allow for differentiation within one classroom and re-use in successive grades.

To learn more, view sample pages from Essentials, and take a video tour of the curriculum, click here.

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