School Wide Reading Interventions and Meeting AYP

The Logic of English® Essentials program is ideal for schools who are not meeting Adequate Yearly Progress goals in reading.

Schools that desire to dramatically improve reading scores across the grades can use Essentials as a one-time intervention for all students in grades 2 and up. When schools implement Essentials in this manner, students and teachers throughout the school develop a foundation of common knowledge for discussing spelling, vocabulary, and reading across the curriculum.

Struggling Readers
In Essentials, students who are not proficient in reading are systematically taught the pieces they have been missing. Many of these students will show dramatic jumps in reading ability when taught with the Essentials curriculum at least ninety minutes per day over the course of sixteen weeks. The curriculum offers numerous optional activities for additional practice that struggling students may complete independently or with paraprofessionals or volunteers.

Strong Readers
Advanced students reading proficiently before a school-wide intervention will also benefit from learning the linguistic structure underlying English. Studying English linguistics and morphology through Essentials will provide the students with a more in-depth understanding of English and of language learning. Students who are proficient readers before beginning Essentials usually show additional growth in their skills as they discover the “why’s” behind English spelling and grammar.

Benefits for All Students
In studying Essentials, students gain critical thinking skills as they discover the logical structure of English. Students also become better second language learners as they learn how to analyze language and look for patterns.

Next Steps
Following a school-wide intervention, the Essentials program may be used for students who are new to the school or as a Remedial Reading program for students with reading disabilities. In this way all new students and teachers learn the phonograms and rules that explain 98% of English words as well as how to break down and learn vocabulary by analyzing roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

For K-1 reading, spelling, phonics, and handwriting, see our Foundations curriculum.
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