Connecting uppercase cursive letters

How do I know which uppercase letters to connect?

In cursive, the uppercase letters that end on the baseline connect to the second letter of the word. In Logic of English curriculum, this is taught in The Rhythm of Handwriting - Cursive, and we include specific instruction about it in Foundations B.

Here is a chart of all the cursive uppercase letters in LOE cursive handwriting, for your reference:

If you would like to print this chart, you can download the image above or this PDF. (Please note, however, that the cursive font uses advanced font-rendering technology that was not available on consumer software until 2015. Many earlier Apple and PC operating systems do not have the capacity to display the PDF version correctly. If your computer can't show the font correctly, you may want to try taking a screen shot of the webpage and printing this instead.)

Visit David Occhino Design to learn more about the School Cursive LOE font used in this example and in LOE handwriting materials.

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