The nine reasons for a silent final E are explained in Uncovering the Logic of English and taught in Logic of English curriculum. To see all 31 Logic of English spelling rules, click here.

The vowels sound changes because of the E

babe, bake, bale, base, cage, cake, came, cane, care, case, cave, dare, date, fade, fake, fame, game, gate, gave, kale, lake, lame, lane, late, pale, pave, rage, rake, rate, rave, safe, sale, same, save, tame, vase, wade, wake, blame, blaze, drape, flake, flame, frame, glaze, grade, grape grave, plane, plate, quake, scale, stake, state, trade, whale, sphere, bike, bite, dike, fine, fire, five, hide, hike, hive, kite, life, lime, mile, mine, mite, pike, pile, pine, pipe, ride, site, size, tile, time, vine, wife, wipe, glide, knife, stripe, trike, twine, whine, code, coke, cone, cove, hole, hose, lone, mole, nose, note, poke, robe, role, rope, rose, rote, rove, tone, tote, vote, wove, zone, choke, chore, close, drove, prone, quote, scone, scope, shore, slope, smoke, snore, spoke, stole, store, stove, whole, wrote, cube, cute, dude, duke, fume, huge, mule, pure, rude, rule, tune, brute, fluke, byte, hype, style, type


English words do not end in V or U


above, active, alive, approve, arrive, carve, cave, chive, clove, cove, crave, creative, cursive, curve, dive, dove, drive, drove, eve, forgive, gave, give, glove, grave, grove, halve, have, hive, groove, improve, involve, live, love, mauve, native, nerve, olive, pave, prove, rave, survive, swerve, twelve, valve, wave


avenue, blue, continue, cue, due, glue, hue, overdue, pursue, rescue, sue, true, value


The C says /s/ and the G says /j/ because of the E


ace, dice, face, ice, lace, lice, mice, nice, pace, race, rice, vice, brace, dance, fence, force, grace, juice, mince, ounce, peace, place, pounce, price, sauce, since, slice, space, spice, trace, truce, twice, voice, wince, advice, bounce, chance, choice, fleece, glance, notice, palace, police, prince, reduce, scarce, source, stance


age, cage, huge, page, rage, urge, wage, hinge, image, large, stage, usage, forge, purge, range, change, lounge, orange, plunge, sponge, voyage


Every syllable must have a vowel


babble, bobble, bramble, bubble, bumble, cable, cobble, dribble, fable, feeble, fumble, grumble, humble, mumble, noble, stable, tremble, wobble


article, bicycle, chronicle, circle, cycle, icicle, miracle, oracle, particle, tricycle, vehicle


bridle, bundle, candle, cradle, cuddle, curdle, dawdle, doodle, dwindle, fiddle, griddle, handle, hurdle, kindle, middle, needle, noodle, riddle, saddle, straddle, swaddle


baffle, duffle, muffle, raffle, ruffle, scuffle, shuffle, sniffle, waffle


angle, beagle, boggle, bugle, bungle, dangle, eagle, gargle, google, giggle, haggle, jingle, juggle, mingle, single, smuggle, straggle, struggle, triangle, wiggle


ankle, buckle, chuckle, crinkle, heckle, knuckle, pickle, shackle, speckle, suckle, tickle, trickle, twinkle, wrinkle


ample, apple, couple, cripple, crumple, dimple, example, maple, multiple, people, pimple, purple, ripple, rumple, sample, simple, temple, trample, triple


battle, beetle, bottle, brittle, bustle, castle, chortle, hurtle, kettle, mantle, nestle, nettle, prattle, rattle, settle, title, trestle, whistle, whittle


dazzle, drizzle, frazzle, guzzle, muzzle, nuzzle, puzzle, sizzle


To keep singular words that end in S from looking plural

� house, mouse, spouse, horse, goose, moose, promise, license, cause


To make the word look bigger

� are, awe, axe, dye, rye, bye


To make TH say its voiced sound

� bathe, clothe, breathe, teethe


To distinguish homophones

� browse, tease, lapse, ore


Unseen reason

� come, some, done, were


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